Ludisia discolor - earth orchid
  • Ludisia discolor - earth orchid

This is the Ludisia discolor

This beautiful terrestrial orchid has velvety leaves and splendid white flowers with a yellow heart. The plant originally comes from Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma, where it grows as ground cover along river banks.

It is a fantastic orchid which copes well with all the conditions of modern living rooms and is extremely suitable for a variety of autumn and winter creations. It is also a very useful cut flower. After all, the Ludisia flowers for more than two months. Unlike most orchids, which are grown for their flowers, Ludisia discolor is actually first and foremost intended as a decorative leafy plant.

However, it does flower annually with small white flowers on a single stem, which are greatly appreciated by most people. Another, older name for the Ludisia discolor is Haemaria discolor. Haemaria refers to the deep red colour of the leaves (Gr.: haima = blood).

The Ludisia discolor has been grown with attention for mother nature!

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